Do you own a business? We offer a range of business insurance coverage, including professional liability insurance, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. We're Able to cover businesses across the nation. Scroll down to see our offerings.

Business Insurance

Insuring your work today, tomorrow, and the next day

As a business owner, you want to make sure things are running smoothly, moving efficiently, and that your employees are safe.

But what happens if the unthinkable happens? You don't have to worry. You have insurance for your business with us, so you're covered.

We offer a range of coverage for businesses across the nation. So make sure you're safe by getting covered today.


Health Insurance

Insuring Tomorrow is Cared For

What a week. Employees are sick, production is down, deadlines are harder to meet and employees are feeling the strain. That's not ideal for anyone.

Healthy employees are necessary for a healthy business. That's why we offer a wide range of health insurance options for you. We'll get you into a plan you like, so your employees can get the care they need when it counts.


Life & Disability Insurance


Life Insurance

Lives are precious. When it's lives within your business, they seem doubly important. These are the people who breathe the same air you do and whose hearts beat to the same drum. So make sure they are prepared, and their families are provided for and protected, with a life insurance policy.

Disability Insurance

Accidents always happen when we least expect it. So, before the unexpected happens, make sure your employees are prepared for anything. Talk to our agents about choosing a plan that will make sure your employees are protected.


Umbrella Insurance

Insuring your coverage has a wide reach

Magazine interviews. Conference invitations. Photo shoots. You're doing something right, and the world has taken notice. Your business is on the rise, and your 'Now Hiring' sign is getting bigger and bigger.

With all of your sudden growth happening, there is also a growing possibility of something bigger going wrong. And bigger things require a bigger kind of insurance.

That's where our umbrella insurance comes in. It pairs with our other plans to give you coverage above and beyond what the plan would normally give you. This way, no matter how big you grow, you can know that you are covered.


Specialty Insurance

Insuring your specific needs

You've been researching insurance for hours, trying to find the best option for you. You've been through all of the options and it seems like there's nothing out there that fits your needs completely. It's always lacking where you need it not to be. But never fear, specialty insurance is here!

From cyber coverage through liquor liability, there are a world of options for the specific coverage you need. So stop looking and give us a call. We'll be happy to chat with you and find a way to protect what you need protected.